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Ricardo Tosto: The lawyer to pick in for representation

The legal profession in Brazil is one that attracts the attention of a high number of young scholars. Lawyers are viewed as top class professionals who attract a very good pay rate. While this is true, it takes effort to become a lawyer. The Brazilian legal industry is regulated, and people have no option but to follow the set-out procedure of becoming a lawyer. It is not a profession where you can just wake up one day and decide to join. Yes, you can join but through the set-out conditions. Brazil has a huge number of lawyers and to get your name out there takes efforts.

Brazil has the highest number of lawyers in the world. It also has the highest number of law schools. It is estimated that over one million lawyers have graduated from various universities. However, not all of these laws graduates have had a chance to go to the law school. Any graduate who has not gone through the law school does not deserve to be called a lawyer. A qualified lawyer must sit and pass the bar examination. After the examination, anyone is at liberty to represent clients in a field they specialized on or just any other as long as a client feels that such a lawyer can handle their case.

Only serious individuals get a chance to go through the whole process. Anyone who is not willing to dedicate their time to the process cannot become a lawyer. Lawyers who have gone through the whole process will be keen to uphold their reputation. No one will take all the years involved just to end up messing up the profession. The good thing is that the regulatory body does not stop following up on clients after graduation. One good lawyer that clients can consult is Ricardo Tosto.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a leading lawyer in business related litigations in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto specializes in commercial law, civil law, and bankruptcy and election law among many other fields.

Ricardo Tosto gained his degree from Mackenzie University. Ricardo Tosto then proceeded to law school and later interned in a number of law firms.

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