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Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Help Feed the World

Sheldon Lavin has parlayed a significant level of skill in finance and consulting into an extraordinary career as the CEO of a global giant in the food processing industry. His tenure with OSI Group as their top leader has been characterized by expansion and worldwide growth as they partner with leading companies in food service and with top retail food brands.

Lavin had already made his mark in the banking world when he began working with Otto & Sons in an effort to help them raise capital so they could expand their meat processing capacity. This was the name of the company before they became OSI Group under Lavin’s ownership and his financial consulting firm led to the establishment of their relationship as he successfully helped them secure the needed funds.

As Sheldon Lavin continued his relationship with OSI Group he eventually acquired the whole business when the original owners retired. It was a dream come true for him as he always wanted to own a business with the potential for a global reach. With this vision guiding him, Lavin has helped OSI Group develop into a company of extraordinary size and capability.

OSI Group isn’t just a big company; they are an exciting place to work with their family-like atmosphere and the entrepreneurial spirit that abounds within the company. Lavin has specifically avoided structuring the company like the usual corporation as he has helped create an environment in which innovation and creativity are prized.

While the power and strength of OSI Group are in their leadership and employees, their productivity has grown over the years with a steady stream of acquisitions. Two good examples of purchases which complement and enhance their own capabilities are Baho Foods and Flagship Europe which has helped their European operations.

Sheldon Lavin realized a significant honor when he received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. This award honors those visionaries who turn their dreams into reality by superlative work and accomplishment. Perseverance and persistence are two hallmarks that the Academy must see and Lavin has certainly demonstrated these qualities throughout his decorated career. This award is also to inspire the next generation by highlighting those whose work is defined by excellence.

Sustainability is more than a catchphrase for OSI Group under Lavin’s leadership. They have strong programs throughout their company’s operations which make them one of the foremost practitioners of this growing concern. They always strive to have positive interactions with people, communities, and the environment in which they operate. Sheldon Lavin has continued his notable career into his eighties as he still enjoys the work.

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