Talkspace Helps Those With Psychopath Coworkers And Bosses

Some people spend their workday wondering if one or more of their coworkers is a psychopath. There are six warning signs you are. First, they appear very charming at first. Over time they start to instill doubt in you which is when you find out they’re a psychopath. Psychopaths are also control freaks and narcissists, two more warning signs.

A psychopath is quite good at lying without a shred of remorse, so if you know someone is lying but they just don’t seem to care that’s is a very concrete sign you need to get away from them. Another warning sign is that they always avoid taking responsibility for anything. Finally, they are people who will take extreme risks without even remotely thinking through what the consequences of their actions will be. These people are terrible at investments and they won’t think anything about using illegal shortcuts to succeed.

People who deal with psychopaths, particularly their boss, have a new option to talk through this with a therapist in New York City. Talkspace is an app which connects people and therapists together over their devices. It’s mostly back and forth text but in the chatroom there is also an option to send photos, video, or just audio as well. If you find the therapist isn’t the right one for you it’s also easy to switch to another one within the app.

Talkspace is also much less expensive than traditional therapy. It can be as little as $128 a month which gives users round the clock access to their therapists (although, of course, the therapist won’t instantly respond all the time). Traditional therapy sessions run anywhere from $80 to $300 a session so the savings are significant. Talkspace is particularly suitable to writers who can easily express themselves in written words as well as travelers who are often out of town.

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