The Damac Properties Boss, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani’s entrepreneurial career started pretty early in his life. Growing up, the Damac owner spent his after school time with at the family’s business. This early exposure to the dynamics of the business world would later play s very crucial part in developing his career in business. The experience at the family business, selling watches and other imports from China, Hussain Sajwani realized his risk-taking approach which is quite important for any entrepreneur. He was granted a government scholarship which sent him to study in the United States by the government of the United Arab Emirates. While pursuing his studies there, Mr. Sajwani made money by participating in the real estate business, selling Timeshare Apartments. Mr. Sajwani acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering from the University of Washington. After school, Sajwani spent his time gaining more experience while helping others succeed. He worked in finance for a large company for two years, an experience that was valuable since he was involved in the daily financial transactions of the business. Not long after that, he realized that he would make more money from his own business ideas.

The next step that real estate entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani took was in 1982 when he opened his first business. The catering business grew rapidly and became a market leader serving over 150000 meals and managing over 200 projects in a day. Though the business was lucrative, catering a bigger market comprising of the middle east, commonwealth independent states and Africa, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) realized how profitable and fast-paced the real estate market was and wanted to a part of it. He started the DAMAC properties to grab the real estate opportunity. The company started small with projects like developing small hotels. The DAMAC owner was inspired by the forward thinking of the UAE’s founding fathers.

It has not all been fun and games for the Damac owner. One of the biggest risky moves that he had to make was making Damac Properties public. The decision required the restructuring of the entire business in order to be in line with the financial requirement and regulations. In the fifteen years of service, the Damac owner has developed the most powerful team of leaders as well as a network of powerful business people.

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