Things you need to Know about The Real Real firm

The Real Real firm has since its establishment offered secondhand Gucci and Louis Vuitton items and has grown tremendously since its establishment. Their clothing have attracted a vast number of individuals and Wainwright, the founder of the firm is proud of the firms major successes. In a recent conference held by the firm, a considerable number of female customers gathered at a round table and flaunted cotton gloves and admirable handbags from Real Real. The colors of the items ranged from attractive ones like beige to gauche lime. Besides, the clients were happy and contented with the small size of the items as well as their high affordability.

Julie Wainwright founded the Real Real firm in 2011 and she has proved to be a successful and skilled entrepreneur, evident from the great successes achieved in her recent investment. Wainwright formerly served as the CEO of video retailer and throughout her term in the firm, she helped the company increase its total revenue by a high percentage. The renowned entrepreneur has always been passionate about investing in the second hand cloth line sector and she gained her inspiration from other investors at Silicon Valley Town. Her Real Real firm consists of over fifteen hundred employees and due to the commitment showed by her team, Real Real firm has grown tremendously and established a vast number of offices in New York City, San Francisco, among other major towns in the United States. The great successes of the Real firm have been associated with Wainwright’s major commitment towards achieving the best as well as her friendly customer service attributes.

The firm has strived to exercise authenticity in each of their products, which are all associated with specific prestigious designers. The great quality of the Real Real products have won the hearts of many people and as a result, increased their customers. The CEO of the firm looks forward to establishing more firms of its kind in the broader parts of the globe, with an aim of promoting quick sales and availability of highly affordable items to every individual in the world.

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