Todd Lubar: How he joined real estate investment

Any person who is in business knows one thing; that making a business grow is not a walk in the park. It may take months or years for you to finally realize any benefits. Such is the story of Todd Lubar, a prominent investor in the real estate sector in the United States. He started off small as an employee but quickly progressed to become a financial powerhouse in mortgage lending. Todd Lubar is the owner and president of TDL Global Ventures. Todd is a graduate of Syracuse University, where he majored in speech communication.

Todd Lubar started working in the real estate sector after graduating when he joined Crestar Mortgage. This is the firm that would see his passion for real estate investment flourish. For the four years that he worked at the firm, he was able to understand what it takes to run a mortgage investment. He then left Crestar Mortgage for Legacy Financial Group, which operates in Texas. During his time he helped the company realize some huge benefits never recorded in the company’s history. His Maryland office unit was able to generate over a $100 million in loan volume annually. Lubar stayed in the group for about 5 years before taking over the role of senior vice president of Charter Funding.

On Patch, Todd Lubar credits his success to the experience that he has acquired in the financial and real estate sector. He also attributes passion to the success of every business person out there. The passion to help people accomplish their goals is something that gives Todd Lubar great satisfaction in what he does. He says that his main aim in this business is to provide his clients with financial services that will see them invest in housing programs. All he wants is to have a product and a program that will give loans to all deserving clients.

Although most businesses struggle to make money at their early stages, Todd Lubar says that it is advisable to always ensure that the needs of the client always comes out first. This is the only way that you can remain profitable over a long term. For more info, visit

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