Beachbody Encourages Total Fitness


Carl DaikelerCarl Daikeler is an American entrepreneur who has revolutionized the personal fitness industry. At the beginning of his career, he worked in television production services on behalf of the NFL. His primary responsibility was producing halftime shows. He also spent about eight years in the infomercial industry. These early and mid-career work experiences taught Daikeler how to tell a story that resonates with an audience and captures its attention.

During these years, Carl Daikeler noticed that a growing proportion of Americans were overweight or obese. He also observed that a lot of people wanted to exercise and get fit, so they bought those devices from the infomercials that he produced. Daikeler thought he could make a big impact on the lives of these individuals, so he and a co-founder created the total Beachbody program. In its early stages, it consisted of a set of exercise DVDs that a person could pop into their DVD player at home and use at any time.

People loved the convenience of exercising at home. They bought the DVDs and asked for more options. Carl Daikeler was more than willing to oblige. Within 10 years, the library of workouts totaled more than 300 options. Daikeler didn’t forget the importance of nutrition in overall wellness and weight loss. In 2009, he and his fitness associates developed Shakeology. This nutrition plan is centered around a protein powder that people mix into soy, almond, cashew, oat, rice or dairy milk. The resulting shakes are creamy, satisfying and nutritious.


Shakeology is filled with about half of the daily recommended allowance of fiber. It also contains a generous amount of protein. This combination of protein and fiber creates a feeling of fullness in the belly, so a person is less likely to snack or overeat. The sweet, rich flavors of Shakeology also reduce cravings for sweets.

Carl Daikeler keeps adding new options to his total wellness services. Beachbody on Demand launched in 2015. This service allows workouts to be streamed from any device with an internet connection. When gyms closed during the health crisis of 2020, the on-demand subscriptions grew.

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