Bo Parfet’s Die Trying – A Book You Must Read


Bo Parfet is an investment banker with a wild, adventurous spirit, and he has documented it all in his book Die Trying.

Despite his safe and stable job as an investment banker, Bo Parfet has a more adventurous personal nature. So in 2003, he set out to do something that would take him to the tallest mountains in the world, experience the most exhilarating adventures, and even put him in danger of losing his life. Yet, through it all, he has proved his resilience to almost anything.

Bo Parfet accomplished a personal goal that only a couple of hundred people have ever done in their lives. He climbed the highest peaks on every continent. He lived to talk about it and even wrote a book called Die Trying, where he narrates his experiences and allows the reader to experience the adventure through his stories.

Bo Parfet did not start out as a professional climber. His casual climbing interest simply became a passion, but Bo Parfet would overcome the most challenging mountain climbs and conquer all the highest Summits in four years.

Parfet has climbed Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro Aconcagua Denali, Elbrus, Carstensz pyramid, Kosciusko, and many others. Somewhere within himself, he found the courage to go against all the odds and face some of the most dangerous challenges while climbing these high altitudes.

Amazon’s highly rated Die Trying is an incredible narrative showing Parfet’s battle against his own personal limitations. We read of his experiences in dodging Avalanches, crossing ladders over bottomless ravines, of his ability to cross the Khumbu Icefall. His narrative is exhilarating and terrifying as he experienced the magnificent pride in doing something so astounding, to experiencing the deep sorrow at losing a fellow climber while on the same journey. We understand his emotions when he experiences near-death situations such as falling into a deep crevice in New Zealand and nearly drowning in crocodile-infested rapids.


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