Career Spotlight: Alexander Payne


Alexander PayneConstantine Alexander Payne, popularly known as Alexander Payne is a great film personality born on February 10, 1961. His place of birth is Omaha, Nebraska. Payne parents were George Payne and Peggy. He was the youngest kid in a family of three boys. His father was both German and Greek native. His mother was of Greek ancestry.

Payne attended Creighton Prep high school until his graduation in 1979. His passion for writing begun while in high school as he wrote a comedy column for a student newspaper. He was also an editor of a yearbook. After high school, he went to Stanford University doing both History and Spanish. He received his B.A in 1984. Payne spent little time in Columbia as part of his undergraduate studies.

When Payne was young, Kraft Food awarded his father with a loyalty a Super 8-mm movie projector as a prize. The senior Payne later gave the reward to Alexander when he was 14 years of age. This reward was the sparking force for Alexander in the film industry. After completion of his spell in Columbia, he returned to California and joined the UCLA Film School. He graduated in 1990 with an MFA.

His UCLA thesis film, The Passion of Martin, was the start of his successful film career. It was a sensation at the institute, being a major film. The film was the reason he landed a project at Universal. The Universal project didn’t give him a movie for the studio but he was able to draft a background for About Schmidt some years later.

The first film to establish Payne’s brand in limelight in the movie industry was Citizen Ruth in 1996. However, About Schmidt got Payne two golden statuette nominations. In 2004, his film Sideways was a boom as it had five nominations and went ahead to scoop an award of the best screenplay.

Alexander Payne

Payne doesn’t speak much but his works speak for him. One of his recent works, Nebraska, received six nominations in the Academy Awards. Nebraska is the most famous and great movie project he has done. He has done several films works. His next move is to create a Greek-language film.

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