Caribou: An Innovative Scott Dylan Endeavour


Caribou Caribou is a budding delivery company with big dreams about changing the way that deliveries are handled. The small company has been experiencing tremendous growth in the last year as they roll out new technologies that will enable their consumers to become more immersed in the customer experience. The company was co-founded by Scott Dylan, who is known in the business world for taking on difficult projects. Caribou is an attempt to compete with larger delivery services by giving consumers the feel of a smaller business when it comes to direct service.

While they do seem to give their customers the feel of more personalized service, Caribou has expanded into multiple sectors of the delivery industry. Initially starting as a domestic delivery service in their home country of the UK, Caribou has now expanded to fulfill international orders as well. In conjunction with this change, freight is also a service that they offer, with the customer being able to choose between the standard land, sea, or air freights. Additionally, they offer rentals for the delivery of goods. It is safe to say that if it has anything to do with getting an item from one place to another, this company has an interest in developing it.


One lesser-known service that Caribou offers is its storage and warehousing services. In the UK, they are currently offering consumers over 40,000 square feet of storage for their assorted needs. This service, coupled with their pallet network makes them a convenient pitstop for businesses that are looking to streamline the process of item delivery.

While a big transport project does not seem to put off Caribou, they have also continued to develop their relationship with domestic delivery by increasing their delivery networks and hubs located around the UK. This attention to relevant expansion has allowed them to provide many customers with same-day service when it comes to some of their deliveries. Regardless of how consumers chose to do business with this growing company, they will find that there are changes continuously being implemented to improve the experience of customers. Many reviews for the company show positive results and based on these the future looks bright for Scott Dylan’s growing company.

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