Caribou and Scott Dylan Make Big and Small Shipping a Breeze


Caribou When it comes to parcel services, Caribou utilizes cutting-edge technology to create value. The teams continually focus on pricing, speed, and conveniences. This industry requires accuracy. These leaders have found a way to develop that via teamwork and a cultural attitude that is expressed in their customer service and how they deal with their vendors and other associates.

Caribou and cofounder Scott Dylan made it a point to use practical methods that the crews could quickly access, including technology. For example, the driver’s record every item they receive into an application.

This specialty service allows the sender to track the progress. If the sender is a business, they can notify their clients with confidence about their special delivery. If you want to be there when the product arrives, this application lets you arrange your schedule so that you can be at the door when the driver pulls up.

In the event you are not home, there are several protocols the delivery person can follow. Two of the methods involved leaving you a detailed note about where the item is at. The delivery person might slip this document underneath your door, or it might be sitting in your mailbox. The driver can capture the identity of the final receiver with a signature.

This level of accuracy is also incorporated into the transportation routes. After all of the day’s packages are scanned, technology steps in and plots out a map for the shipping team. It will streamline the paths. This technique speeds up the process, reduces fuel consumption, and wear and tear on the roads.


The size or shape of your package does not matter to Caribou. The company has warehouse space and ocean vessels to move and store goods across the globe. The operation is based in the United Kingdom, but their reach extends worldwide. Caribou also offers a pallet service for bulk shipments or heavy-duty items.

The pallet manager can arrange affordable options and speedy delivery. Through the company’s website, some of the regulations concerning pallet shipment are spelled out for customer convenience, or a shipper can speak directly with personnel to discuss their specific needs.

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