Dave Antrobus Shares Insights On How The Pandemic Has Expedited Technological Transformation


Dave AtrobusDespite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Dave Antrobus reiterates that technological developments have been critical in ensuring business success. While most companies had begun adopting technology before the pandemic, the Fresh Thinking Group top executive insists that the pandemic has reinforced technological trends across different sectors.

Here are a few insights the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder shares on how technology is transforming long and short-term business approaches.

The Impacts Of Technology On Employment

A few years ago, companies that were adopting modern business approaches began to scale their digital platform. Many start-ups have even begun to expand their global reach with less tangible assets and a few employees. Dave Antrobus also states that technological advancements have shifted the roles within the labor market through the introduction of artificial intelligence and robots t. He states that before the end of 2020, three studies indicated that there were over three million industrial in the market, which wasn’t the case seven years ago.

The Use Of Technology In Helping Business Remain In Operation

Dave Antrobus admits that the pandemic has forced businesses to institute different technologies to remain operational. An extensive survey conducted by McKinsey & Company, which analyzed over 900 responses from the leading executive, showed that technology plays a vital role in enabling businesses to digitize internal operations, product portfolio and customer services.

Dave Antrobus admits that most businesses that have shifted their business online or maximized their online stores have dominated their market or online stores. The findings from the McKinsey report also showed that the companies that adopted technology in their operations have more than 80% of their operation taking place digitally than it was before the pandemic.

The Fresh Thinking Group executive notes that the McKinsey report has enabled many companies to accelerate their digital products by over seven years. While Antrobus believes that the measures are temporary, many companies have scaled their funding for various digital initiatives. While this is the case, the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder says that the time it takes to develop products during the pandemic successfully differs significantly between different sectors.

For example, most businesses within the assembly and consumer-packaged goods industry have not adapted their digital portfolio as much as those in the professional and healthcare services.

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