David Schmidt’s Passion for Cutting Edge Technology


LifeWave is a wellness company found in 2004 by an American entrepreneur called David Schmidt; he started the company after stumbling onto some exciting discoveries while working on a military contract to assist in special operations.

David Schmidt studied Management Information systems and biology in New York at Pace University; upon completing his studies, David Dove headfirst into manufacturing and production roles in various companies to expand his research and development skills.

His earliest encounters with innovative science put David in contact with clients from various industries with diverse needs for his skill set.

David Schmidt successfully designed and implemented new production methods for chemical products and energy production equipment.

Before launching LifeWave as a wellness product, David Schmidt initially set out to provide his consultation services to Navy personnel working on a mini-submarine project.

David Schmidt was tasked with devising a practical method to increase stamina and energy when he discovered LifeWave technology.

After three years of research, David Schmidt had created an energy patch that can burn body fat in the body, which naturally increases energy and stamina.

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This invention is just one of many in an endless collection of registered patents, most of which are tied to science and technology.

Officially, David Schmidt has over 90 patents to his name to recognize his groundbreaking discoveries, with more than ten other patents pending approval.

For over 15 years now, David Schmidt has been working towards making his LifeWave technology easily accessible to the public.

Operations have expanded far and beyond American borders with branches in Europe and East Asia and an extensive network of distribution facilities.

Apart from the LifeWave energy patch, David Schmidt’s company has also pioneered a cutting-edge technology that could eventually replace stem cell injections.

David says that their new product known as the X39 patch can manipulate cells to slow down the aging process.

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