Discover the Power of Dfinity


DFINITYAnyone who has ever tried to do a cryptocurrency transaction knows that timing is everything. A fraction of a second can have a big impact on profitability. Dfinity USA started out as a blockchain computing system set up to handle cryptocurrency transactions. It has now evolved to include more functionality and a wider scope. Set up for open access and decentralized power, it could be the next big thing to change the way transactions and communications take place.

Who Is Behind Dfinity USA?

Dominic Williams is the force behind the Dfinity USA company. He founded it in 2016. As a computer scientist and theorist, he believes in open-source coding and inclusion. He wants the power of the internet to be back in the hands of those who use it every day rather than in the hands of those who control the server farms. In 2017, Mr. Williams created an ICO that generated more than $195 million in funds. The next year, his token airdrop yielded more than $25 million. These funds were used to create capacity for building out the Dfinity computer, which is now called the Internet Computer.

What Does Dfinity USA Do?

Dfinity FoundationDfinity funds and coordinates the Internet Computer. The Internet Computer is a blockchain of nodes. Each node is a server or individually owned computer. These computers run algorithms and AI code built with open-source languages. Developers have launched several apps and tools for the Internet computer. One is Origyn, which authenticates luxurious goods. Another is Fleek, which allows users to build websites. Distrikt enables users of the social media network to control the images, videos and written content they upload.

What’s Next for the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer has a secondary goal beyond its mission of eliminating central server farms. This is to develop more coders who can write in open-source languages. The Beacon Fund was set up to promote the development of decentralized apps. The Internet Computer Fellowship is a year-long coding program for graduate students, college teaching assistants, computer scientists and educators. It offers fellowships and other work experiences for people to learn new software development skills and environments.

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