Dr. Andrea Natale: World Renowned Cardiologist and Mentor


Dr. Natale AndreaDr. Andrea Natale has been at the forefront of electrophysiology for many years. Natale relocated to Canada after completing medical school in Italy. He then relocated to the United States to join the Cleveland Clinic among other cardiovascular medicine departments. Andrea Natale has shown his passion for cardiac electrophysiology and it’s evident by the fact that he shares his knowledge with hundreds of students at numerous medical schools, including Duke University.

Natale advocates for the patient and has cemented his place as a leading physician. It is this level of expertise that has earned Natale multiple mentorship and research awards. It’s also why many have entrusted him to speak at symposiums globally.

Natale has always looked after the well-being of others. Natale was a recipient of the Frist Humanitarian Award in 2012. The award is named after the late Tomas F. Frist. It was created to honor those who follow in the footsteps of Frist through humanitarian and philanthropic work.

It’s one thing to look at Natale’s accomplishments but it’s another to actually hear stories from his own patients. Ryan Wiseman thought he was as healthy as he had ever been. That was until he was diagnosed with AFib, which is an irregular heartbeat. AFib can lead to blood clots and heart failure.

The diagnosis left Wiseman in a state of shock. He underwent surgery for AFib but it wasn’t a success. Finally, doctors used the WATCHMAN Implant on Wiseman in an effort to prevent blood clots. It was a success as Wiseman was able to eliminate the risk of a stroke. Wiseman says that he’s feeling good thanks to the implant.

Natale is always looking to assist those who wish to enter the world of electrophysiology. One way that he does this is through EP Live. It’s a two-day educational meeting for those practicing electrophysiology. The conference is held inside St. David’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas. Natale serves as an EP Live course director. The meeting places emphasis on AF ablation, VT ablation, Devices, and new technologies. A panel of experts walk attendees through the process, providing commentary.

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