Education Inequality Review Opinion from Online Trading Academy Professional, Dr. Jeffery Harris

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Despite the terms education, training, and learning being used within the financial industry, OTA has a different opinion. So, they brought in Dr. Jeffrey Harris, a financial professional, to give his idea on schooling. As a former Division Director and Chief Economist of both the CF-Trading Commission and the S&E-Commission in the U.S.A, Dr. Harris currently chairs the American University Kodog Business School.

Dr. Harris analyzed various things that OTA uses to teach its curriculum. They included the course materials, online sessions via XTL, and virtual classes. Additionally, he checked the new CliK platform, which had been introduced to the school to engage an all-in-one education system that performs trade analysis.

So, What Conclusion did Dr. Harris Make?

Dr. Harris made many conclusions about the entire education system at OTA and outside. He stated that;

  • The principles and materials of education used by OTA to cover their trading courses are impressive in terms of economic theories. They can further be compared to a secondary investment level of a university that offers both graduate and undergraduate magnitude courses.
  • The delivery methods used in covering each curriculum are comparable to all the accepted learning methods, which students can valuably use to achieve long-term opportunities in trading after they are done with school.
  • The training at OTA and materials used also provide the students’ significance in their learning value. It also installs ethics within their lives that build up their confidence in making investments and trading.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Harris, inequality in education is real both theoretically and experimentally. Therefore, students must get their confidence grown, competence evolved, and expertise built. Learners can make progress through guidance and applications done practically within complex investment scenarios.

Further, they can develop their confidence by comprehensively learning within environments and communities where appropriate progressive repetitive technologies and ethics are found. CliK platform was newly built to provide all these advantages to the students at OTA.

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