Finance Entrepreneur and Executive Randal Nardone

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Randal Nardone is a financial services firm executive, entrepreneur and former attorney. Today, he is currently the co-chief executive officer and principal of a leading investment firm called Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone  has held these positions for two decades after holding a number of key executive positions at other firms in the industry. Nardone has spent most of his career leading both financial services and law firms. He has been involved in setting goals and devising strategies to help firms reach their objectives on a consistent basis. As a highly successful executive and entrepreneur, Randal Nardone has attained a considerable amount of wealth. Forbes magazine named him to the billionaires list and as one of the richest Americans in a recent report.

While Randal Nardone has spent a majority of his career in finance, he started out in the legal field. He was a practicing attorney for a major law firm for several years. During his stint as a lawyer for this firm, Randal eventually became a member of the firm’s executive committee. As a member of this group, he would regularly participate in the firm’s management. Randal helped the firm maintain its reputation as a leading law firm that provides valuable legal services for its clients. Nardone was a successful lawyer but wanted to become part of the financial sector. He would get his first opportunity at the firm Blackrock Financial Management. As a member of this firm, Randal Nardone would serve as the principal of the firm. This position required Randal to provide daily management firm as well as help with its overall business development. This experience would prepare Nardone to excel in other top leadership positions at different firms in the future.

In 1997, Randal Nardone joined the Swiss based investment firm UBS. While he was working at the firm, he was its managing director. The position of managing director required Nardone to participate in business development, client acquisition and general management. Under his watch, UBS remained as one of the most reputable financial services firms in the financial sector. A year later in 1998, Randal co-founded Fortress Investment Group and became a member of its management committee.

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