For Pamela Baer, Giving Back To The Community Is A Top Priority

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A recent article on the CEO World website takes a look at businesswoman Pam Baer’s many philanthropic efforts in the San Francisco, California, area. Ms. Baer’s husband is Larry Baer, CEO of the San Francisco Giants major league baseball team.

Pamela Baer earned a finance/marketing degree from the University of Texas, then established a successful financial services career in New York City. This was followed by co-founding a direct mail marketing company, which led to her focusing on helping others, while still operating a thriving business.

As an optimist who regularly practices mindfulness, Pamela Baer believes that women should pursue their dreams, and help other people whenever they can. By taking the time to prepare for the tasks that usually need to be accomplished, Pam Baer is able to stay organized.

When Baer’s son was young, he required health care services from San Francisco General Hospital. This helped to inspire her commitment to making healthcare services available to everyone. To this day, she remains active with the hospital, and is involved with an art project that raises funds for the facility.

Among the community-oriented groups that Pam Baer is a member of are the Jewish Women’s Giving Circle, Family House, the Giants Community Fund and San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

Pam Baer’s philanthropic pursuits are not limited to the San Francisco region. She is involved with the Nest non-profit organization, which assists women around the world, as well as Every Mother Counts maternity care organization.

Starting each day with coffee, the daily newspaper and meditation helps Baer to effectively prepare herself for the challenges that are presented to her. Pam is also a big believer in enjoying the great outdoors. Being outside, she says, can be quite relaxing, and beneficial to mental and physical health. See this page for more information.


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