Get a Myriad of Insurance Options from John Ritenour’s IOA

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Insurance Office of America is a genuine one-stop insurance company. The firm has experienced and friendly agents who spend enough time understanding your family or business before offering specific insurance products. Its leading IOA insurance producers want to comprehend what is vital to every client, their dreams for home or business, and why they keep them awake at night.

Understanding each potential consumer a little bit will form a comprehensive investment portfolio that can meet their insurance needs without forcing them to pay for the insurance (if any) market. John Ritenour shared a variety of insurance provided by IOA. Fundamentally, the Insurance Office of America offers dozens of different types of insurance. Some insurance policies that clients can buy include vehicle insurance, property insurance, individual insurance, worker’s compensation, and business liability insurance.

IOA professionals can work with companies of all sizes, regardless of whether they are run by a family of two or have multiple established businesses. For families, the Insurance Office of America has experienced Insurance Producers that operate alongside customers to find the right car insurance for their needs. Almost 40 years after the founding of the Insurance Office of America in Longwood, Florida, the company has over 60 offices in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Since the development of the first three-person business, it has grown to more than 1,300 team members. Under John Ritenour, the company’s total sales in 2020 will reach $225 million. The firm has a reputation for being named one of the “Top 100 Independent Casualty / Property Companies” of 2019 by Insurance Magazine.

John Ritenour is committed to his professional career and the insurance industry. He was born in McKeesport, the suburb of Pittsburgh, where he spent his childhood. He tried to work for several years in a local steel plant but gave up trying to sell insurance in the early 1970s. After six months as a door-to-door agent in insurance, John Ritenour became the company’s best insurance producer.

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