Get Ready for Payne’s Anticipated New Project, “The Holdovers”


Alexander PayneThe 2-time Oscars award winner, Alexander Payne, has made a significant announcement of his new project, “The Holdovers.” With his famous film Sideways, the director has incorporated Paul Giamatti in the new project, also featured in the movie as Miles. In the movie, divorced Miles acts discouraged after a long such of his companion. He goes to California to celebrate his best friend Jack’s forthcoming wedding.

While in California, Miles falls into wine addiction, and Jack decides to hook him up with a Maya, a girl Miles had begun to like. In the process, Jack develops feelings for Maya, and as their friendship gets deeper between the two lovebirds. Miles and Jack’s bond began to fade. As the film ends, Miles turns into a new life to a better person.

The sideways film was a significant milestone for both Alexander Payne and his partner Paul Giamatti. Being one of the best-enjoyed films worldwide, it won Oscar Award under the Best Adapted Screenplay category. The pair have merged to create “The Holdovers,” an anticipated film.

In the new project, Giamatti acts as a teacher with the name Paul Hunham. Unlike in Sideways, the actor is seen as a serious teacher who instills fear in every student he engages. During the Christmas holiday, Paul could spend time in school looking after learners within the school premises. It appeared that during one of the holidays, teacher Paul Hunham, Angus, a student aged 15 years, and the school cook Mary got stuck within the school.

Alexander PayneThe three characters had problematic issues that made them view life differently. For example, Mary, the school cook, had lost her son, a situation that kept her in deep grief. The trio came together to form a fun family despite their differences in backgrounds, ages, and other regions. They engaged in so many fun and comical activities during the holiday that made them forget their past life experiences and positively accept life. Alexander Payne, a director, and screenwriter with his brand, Payne’s film, continues to offer enjoyed movies worldwide that you would watch over and over without experiencing boredom.

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