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IM Academy is a business that trades technological informative products and services committed to training foreign exchange dealings. These services are offered online fundamentally through live connected content, aided by a library of taped and application-based content.

In the year 2013, Christopher Terry, in partnership with Isis De La Tore, formed this company IM Academy offers learning opportunities to learners on a subscription pattern. The brand’s objective was to provide its clients with attainable and interactive training to empower them to develop skills they could use in their businesses. Currently, the company has more than 220,000 active customers of its services and products.

The best thing about IM Academy is that it is not affected by geographical restrictions. It has embraced a faraway working strategy for its workforce and does not perpetuate a substantial office real estate.

The IM Academy offers its products in the form of learning modules. These modules are widely known as academies. The academies are in four categories, which include; FRX, HFX, DCX, and ECX. Each academy delivers its content through illimitable online convocations with IM tutors known as IM Educators through a ‘Go Live’ service.

To cater to students in different time zones, the ‘go live’ sessions are provided in thirteen other languages at various times. Each session keeps up one hour and gives opportunities to students to ask questions and get involved in discussions with the IM coach. Students also have the privilege to access the library of taped videos for each academy.

The four academies have different subject matters. First, FRX Academy mainly focuses on teaching students the elementary of foreign currency exchange. Second, the HFX Academy aims at informing learners on the high-frequency exchange. Third, DCX Academy targets to train students in digital currency exchange, and fouth, ECX Academy intends to teach students how to build an online business, not forgetting e-commerce. Go here for additional information.


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