Greg Blatt Graduates From Columbia Law School Gets A Job At Match Group As Business Executive

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If there are people who know the importance of changing a career if the first one doesn’t work for you is Greg Blatt. Today, the man graduated with an English degree that did not help him secure any substantive job, speaks passionately of the need to go beyond the enclosed box to get what you want.

As mentioned, Greg Blatt’s first paper was a Degree in English. With it, Greg Blatt says he could not get a job. Although Greg confesses that he really didn’t look for a job using the degree, he knows that nothing useful came on his way now that he had a Degree in the English language.

Things started to shape up when Greg Blatt changed his career. This time, Greg Blatt decided to do a second degree in law. Oblivious of what life would be like after graduating with a law degree, Greg Blatt got his first job, practicing law as an entertainment lawyer.

Later, Mr. Blatt also worked as a general counsel when he was attached to Martha Stewart law firm. He says that the idea of changing his profession came when he was travelling across the world. “As a young man, I believe my spirit was wandering a lot. I didn’t know what I wanted. I went to a law school to test the waters. I wasn’t sure what I wanted,” Greg Blatt says. Read this article to learn more.

In Columbia Law School, Greg Blatt attended all lessons and graduated. After working for various law firms, Mr. Blatt started to love his new profession. Of particular interest is how Blatt rose the ranks to become group CEO as well as chairman.

In addition, Mr. Blatt became a business executive holding the two loftiest positions in three related law firms; IAC, Tinder, and the Match Group. Today, after working in the law industry representing big law firms as a CEO and Chairman, Greg Blatt advises business executives to plan their days well if they want to succeed.


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