How Alejandro Betancourt’s Creativity and Financial Assistance Helped to Rescue Hawkers

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Hawkers started operating over seven years ago. The founders of the eyewear firm were high school friends from Spain. When starting the company, their primary goal was to manufacture affordable designer sunglasses. After only three years, the company was already on the list of the best-performing sunglasses companies globally.

Even with considerable success, the sunglasses company started experiencing financial challenges. The company even contemplated closing down before the situation worsened. However, Alejandro Betancourt stepped in and rescued the firm before the economic crisis halted their operations.

When Alejandro Betancourt took over at the helm of the sunglasses company, his immediate task was to figure out how he could improve Hawkers products to compete with the top eyewear brands in the market. His strategies worked within a short time, and the company started manufacturing high-quality sunglasses that were similar to those produced by the most reputable eyewear companies.

However, Betancourt set the price significantly lower, which attracted more clients. The reputation of Hawkers increased after they started manufacturing unique sunglasses. Their sunglasses were colorful, they had different lens varieties, and they were eco-friendly.

Alejandro Betancourt later became the president of the sunglasses company. Through his leadership, the company expanded its client base in Spain and other companies across different continents. In 2018, Betancourt increased his funding to the company, which gave him half of the firm’s controlling interest.

Alejandro Betancourt has been instrumental in the company’s growth. He has been inspiring the employees and encouraging them to work harder. That has enabled the reputable sunglasses company to continue pushing on even when they face challenges.

Today, the firm has over 200 employees that work on affiliate companies around the world. Besides, they have millions of employees that have bought over 4.5 million pieces of sunglasses from different companies. The company also has a massive following on its social media pages. Millions of clients follow their pages to find out the latest products the firm has manufactured.

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