How the Pandemic Has Helped Businesses Move On According to John Ritenour

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The global pandemic has impacted the economy across all spheres. Businesses that offer non-essential services have been greatly affected. One of the changes that hit companies is that they had to move their staff from offices to their houses. Remote work has changed the way businesses operate. They have as well lowered staff morale. Such a transition requires a lot of planning which takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is a good thing to consider what approach was taken by prominent entrepreneurs like John Ritenour.

John Ritenour is the founder of the Insurance Office of America (IOA). He has managed to establish a forward-thinking approach that gives him a chance to address the benefits of working from home. John Ritenour breaks down the benefits of working from home into three significant parts.

How Employers Benefits From Working Remotely

When employers can work with employees remotely, they can save money. The reason is that there are no overhead costs. They save on utilities, office space, parking, and insurance, including several operational costs.

Remote work, according to John Ritenour, increases productivity.

How Employees Shall Benefit

When employees work from home, they save money that they spend on commuting. Besides that, a lot of time is saved because there will be no 8 to 5 routine. They work at their convenience. John Ritenour also argues that motor vehicle maintenance costs are reduced tremendously.

How the Outside World Benefits

When most people can work from home, the world also benefits. There will be less time spent commuting and thus the government will cut down the traffic accidents at a considerable percentage. The use of paper and electricity in the office helps the government as well. Pollution is also reduced significantly when there are no cars on the roads. The infrastructure maintenance costs shall also reduce compared to the time when everyone is on the road commuting to work. Read More.

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