How Video Makers Intend To Incorporate Advertisements Through Shopatainment


Technological advancement since the 20th century has grown so much. Things like mobile phones that were a privilege then are now easily accessible to anyone and affordable. This technological advancement has made businesses reinvent themselves in marketing and also how they conduct their businesses. In 1900, you needed to meet people physically to pitch your idea and sell your products. This situation meant socializing with many people and travelling long distances to ensure more people know about the product or idea. Today, with a tap on your phone, you can buy anything from all over the world.

The production of videos has also continued to grow and have greatly improved in quality. Breaks have been the norm coming up every couple of minutes while watching videos today on online platforms, causing disruptions. This issue has been the case for mainstream media and online videos. Even with the advancement, there has been a lack of a way for these advertisements to be included in the videos. Shopatainment has provided great solutions for this. With this, it has become possible to integrate marketing in videos. The goal is to allow viewers to tap into the video playing and get details of the clothing or goods seen in the videos. With this incorporation, the videos can provide links where they can easily buy the goods or services.

Gurp Rai first discovered this after seeing a jacket by one of the world’s most popular artists and wanted to buy it. He could not find a way to buy it since there were no links to the jacket and all searches became futile. He sought a way to close the gap, and that was when he came across shopatainment. With his television station dropptv, Gurp Rai aims at producing the first video with no advertisement interruption.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, shopatainment with droppTV will record seamless videos, and advertisements will be in the video. The consumer may not need to worry about seeing something they like and not finding the place to buy it. They will have created a new thing the world has not seen and be a game changer with this. This advancement will make videos more interesting and save the consumers time, especially with the current generation that is used to getting immediate results. These videos will also grow the businesses of those advertising using the platform, allowing them to make more profit and reach more people worldwide. It will also influence the money artists will make by mentioning particular brands being a win-win situation for businesses and artists.

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