IOA Insurance Firm and Its Co-Founder, John Ritenour

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The English men once said that hard work pays, which is evident from John Ritenour, founder, and CEO of the Insurance Office Of America. John started by selling insurance covers from house to house to establishing a ranked global company. While doing so, he was never sure that his company would grow to become top-notch.

IOA company with John Ritenour as its CEO was launched in 1988. His level of professionalism and expertise enabled him to thrive in the insurance sector. John managed to master the do’s and don’ts in the field from the companies he worked with. This explains why before venturing into any area, you must have a clear picture of the business.

John Ritenour has always psyched his workforce to remain focused on ensuring they give the company the best. Also, he explains to his fellow employees and managerial team to understand the importance of valuing their customers’ welfare. He has managed to lead the company to success at hard times, including during the 2008 economic recession that contributed to the downfall of several firms. Another factor that has enabled IOA to be a leader in the insurance sector is valuing their customers and not being greedy for money and profits. He, however, decided to step down and give Heath Ritenour, his son, the role of the CEO. As the firm’s executive top, Heath is responsible for overseeing all firm’s operations, ensuring that everything is streamlined.

Many expected John to leave all company operations; however, unlike many, he still helps the firm with mergers and partnerships. He is a leading figure in the insurance sector. It has diversified to focus in several areas, including offering sports clubs with insurance coverages. John Ritenour has contributed significantly to the soaring of sports clubs. It partners with teams in NFL, NHL, and NBA.

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