Isidoro Quiroga’s Recent Successful Business Move

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Isidoro Quiroga, a well-known businessman from Chile, has made headlines in the business world this year through his recent business move. This Chilean businessman, the founder of Asesorias e Inversiones, sold his energy-based company for over $800 million making a profit of $700 million.

The company known as Enphase Energy was founded and based in California. It specializes in coming up with energy solutions that would be favorable in homes. Some of its projects include coming up with sustainable solar, and domestic energy storage options. Isidoro Quiroga purchased this company back in 2018 for around $19 million. In addition to this, he also bought other $3 million bonds in Enphase Energy bringing the total amount of the purchase to over $80 million.

Mr. Quiroga’s Business Model

Mr. Quiroga has had a successful career buying and selling companies. In 2003, he bought a seafood company. He expanded the company into one that was exporting salmons overseas. In 2017, he sold Australis Seafoods to Joyvio. Joyvio, the Lenovo parent company, was very much interested in Australis Seafoods because of its competitive edge in the market despite it not being the largest distributor.

Investing in Other Avenues

Mr. Quiroga has made a lot of money since his last sale owing to the fact that he invested a huge chunk of his profits in the stock exchange. Today, Isidoro Quiroga has investments in Entel, Endesa, SQM, among other companies in Chile. Also, he has managed to find ground overseas as he is currently an owner of an Australian mining company.

Brief History of Quiroga

Mr. Quiroga started his venture in the business world as an exporter of oregano. Back then, he would conduct a lot of business in the region of Valparaiso. He quickly transitioned to exporting the Kiwi fruit. It was at this time when he flew to the USA. He got one of the most successful deals that opened doors for him. At one point, Mr. Quiroga had made enough money to retire. Although he was at the peak of success, he didn’t settle. This pushed him to diversify.

Today, he operates all his business from his family office. He is not afraid to neither invests internationally nor diversify his investments. Mr. Quiroga hopes to bring change to the people of Chile while making a profit. This pushed him to begin wide-scale plantations in his community and also a wine company.

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