Jack Mason Reveals through an Interview How His Firm Is Transforming Ambitious Digital Firms in the UK


Jack MasonInc & Co is a business conglomerate whose main business is to acquire struggling digital firms to redefine and transform their business processes, collaborate, and share critical functions. The critical functions the firms can share include marketing, finance and talent acquisition. Under the excellent strategic leadership of Mason, the firm has acquired a significant number of entities to their collective. Jack Mason reveals the genesis of the idea of supporting digital firms with severe financial and managerial needs.

Jack Mason reveals in a question and answer session with an entrepreneur magazine that groups of seasonal investors who understand how collaboration in business works approached and suggested that they make a collaborative business deal. The idea was born from there. Mason wanted to develop a business entity that would bring together all digital firms with a potential for growth and expansion in business but lacked mentorship to grow and be independent.

Initially, Mason acquired a software development company and a digital agency enterprise. He realized the unlimited pool of potential for growth coupled with creativity and innovation that would be tapped to unleash excellent business success. Besides, Jack Mason has created a platform that allows the digital firms to collaborate and support each other while retaining their original brands, business culture, and business identities.

Mason also reveals that they have a highly talented group of professionals drawn from a multifaceted specialization, including finance, human resource professionals, and managers. They also have strategic analysts and experts, talent acquisitions gurus, and outstanding management experts who develop various strategies to support the firms and navigate through their initial business objectives of providing clients with innovative products and services. In addition, the Inc & Co CEO allows the firms to exchange their talent and learn from each other for their mutual benefits.

Jack Mason

Any agency from within the collective, which grows beyond the 10-member limit, allows Inc & Co to withdraw their help and leave the firm to be independent and focus on how to provide their services to clients. This is essential as it allows the firms to restructure their operations and achieve their long-term and short-term business goals.

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