Juan Monteverde Path to Becoming a Lawyer

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Everyone’s career path is different. How you arrive at your career path is not significant. What you do once you are on your career journey is. Juan Monteverde is an attorney in New York. Here is a view of his career journey.

When Juan Monteverderde attended college for the first time, it was not to become an attorney. He received a bachelor’s degree in finance. He believed he would have a career in finance.

His part-time job led him to become interested in law. He took a position at a law firm. Once he witnessed a trial, it sparked his interest in becoming a lawyer himself.

Juan Monteverderde attented St. Thomas University’s School of Law. Juan worked hard and showed lots of dedication to his studies. He was a part of the group of top graduates.

Once Juan completed law school, he began working at a defense law firm. He later realized he enjoyed defending clients in the securities field more. The field allowed him to help people who had been victims of fraud.

Juan Monteverderde decided to take his career to another level. He started his law firm called Monteverde & Associates. Starting his law firm allows him more freedom working in his career field.

Juan Monteverderde thought he would work in finance. Once he realized becoming a lawyer was the path he wanted to take, he remained focused on his goals. His focus and drive led him on a successful journey to owning his law firm.

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