KM Capital Management's Joey Feste Comes With 30 Years of Investment Advising Experience

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Joey Feste is the Senior Managing Partner of KM Capital Management. He has received his Economics degree from the University of Texas in 1987 and has since moved on to a 30 year career as an investment advisor. Throughout his 30 year career, Feste has worked for organizations such as Rotan Mosley and Morgan Stanley. While serving athletes as an investment at Morgan Stanley, Feste came to terms with the limitations of their structure and moved on to launch KM Capital Management in 2004 as a means of providing financial services for professional athletes and entertainers. Since then he has created a business structure that prioritizes the diversity of financial goals that each of his clients need in order for their financial stability to thrive.

Joey Feste takes the time to offer financial tips for investors down to those that are unfamiliar with money management. He provides resources to allow for them to be able to complete their long term objectives. In his interview with Ideamensch last year, Joey Feste attributes that the words, “be kind to people cause you never know what they are going through” as one of his favorite quotes. He has taken on this perspective as he treats his clients.

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