Krishen Iyer Has a Legacy of Success


Krishen Iyer is a California based entrepreneur and the founder of the MAIS Consulting company. This organization focuses on consulting companies in creating easy and applicable marketing strategies for clients and promoting growth through relationship development with these same clients. Krishen has 18 years of business experience and has founded two other organizations before focusing on MAIS. This focus on business started soon after Krishen’s graduation from the San Diego State University.

Much of this early business experience was focused on insurance-based sales and lead generating. Since then he has used these marketing strategies to found Managed Benefits Services, a company built to help create marketing opportunities for insurance-based companies with an emphasis in health insurance. Although this company was extremely successful, Iyer decided to sell the company to continue pursuing his idea for MAIS Consulting which he started on June eleventh 2020, in San Diego California.

The MAIS company is now growing quickly with Krishen as CEO and founder and has made a point to steer away from other marketing and consulting companies in their approach to obtaining clients. They emphasis service and helping others as an essential part of the consulting they offer and suggest that team empowerment is the goal they strive for with their clientele.

Krishen Iyer has made quite the stir in the world of insurance marketing and it does not seem like he will be done anytime soon. By focusing on helping others become successful, Iyer has created a legacy of success.

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