Laura Rea Dickey: Why the Use of Data Should not be Ignored by Organizations


The decision-making process constitutes one of the most important aspects that each organization has to handle in the market as it is working towards achieving success in the market. It is clear that this is something that has been in the operations of each company out there in the world because decisions have to be made for a company to move forward in its business operations while at the same time solving most of the operational issues.

As a leading business expert, Laura Rea Dickey is encouraging business owners to make sure they are currently relying on the use of data to make their decisions. Today, each organization is collecting huge amounts of data, which is something that has been promoting its growth in the market. It is this data that companies should always make sure they are basing their decisions on as this is the only way they will achieve success in the market.

Laura Rea Dickey knows that the issue of the guesswork has dominated the operations of various organizations for very many years. Most of the companies in the market have not been using data, but they have been relying on the experience of the business leaders to make some critical decisions with regards to the daily management and the success of the organization. It is obvious that this is something that will never work in the operations of the company.

Data is fact-based, which means that it provides some real details that each organization should be using so that it can make some appropriate decisions. Those organizations that have not been using data have not been making the best decisions where necessary, and most of them have not been able to succeed. This is the main reason why such organizations have been collapsing, and most of them have not been realizing their goals with ease.

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