Making a Difference is Where Betsy DeVos Has Made Her Mark


There are a great many ways that someone can have an impact in the world. For an advocate like Betsy DeVos, this means standing up for her beliefs. For Betsy DeVos, it is all about being able to take a firm stand and stick to it over time. When Betsy DeVos was just a young women, she was well aware of the need to think about education closely. For her, education has become a passion that she’s made her own over the long term. During the last three decades, Betsy DeVos has shown that it is possible for people to say things about the nature of American education and have their advocacy get taken seriously. She is also someone who is unwilling to back down from a cause she cares about utterly. Many Americans have benefited from unswerving advocacy and her ability to focus on a top of great national importance.


Speaking Out


Speaking out is a part of what Betsy DeVos does. Over the years, she has spoken to many groups about the need to be part of this system and change it. Her ability to speak to many groups with natural ease has created lots of support for her many ideas. When she speaks out, people tend to listen because they know that they are speaking to someone who fully understands their concerns. Her ability to get in touch with groups of varied backgrounds and help members stand up for change has been part of her huge impact on the world of American education. This is where she finds a sense of confidence. It is also where she finds her true calling. She is someone who is pleased to be able to take a stance and create change. That is her thirty year legacy to the American public.

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