Matthew Fleeger Philanthropy


Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is a Texas-based philanthropist and businessman. He studied at the Southern Methodist University, graduating from its School of Business. Matthew is the current CEO of Dallas energy and Gulf Coast Western. The fifty-eight-year-old has established a strong reputation, not only out of his strong leadership qualities and excellence in the two companies but also due to his philanthropic activities across different niches. Matthew has based his Gulf Coast Western leadership on relationship building and joint ventures, growing its status over the years. He is also a cancer survivor, which propels his activities of charity to needy people.

Matthew Fleeger has taken part in many charitable events. He’s even more bothered about remembering his suffering as an adult, thus unable to comprehend cancer’s impacts on a child. Together with Sadie Keller, another thirteen-year-old cancer survivor, they assume the role of making cancer-stricken children happy. This responsibility is based on their understanding of what cancer entails, particularly its emotional and physical effects. Their task to provide toys to eleven hospitals in Dallas and treatment facilities in Austin is only aimed at easing their suffering.

Exemplifying his philanthropic attitude, Matthew Fleeger committed a certain proportion of profits from Gulf Coast Western to The Sadie Keller Foundation. The funds are channeled to the Texas Food Bank, which also undertakes other fundamental activities such as cancer research for children. Matthew has inclined his leadership to make profits, grow business, and form partnerships to support needy people. For instance, his sponsorship of Sadie’s foundation has expanded it from its point of incorporation to the current Children’s Medical Center, based in Dallas. Matthew partners with this foundation to raise awareness about cancers that affect children and offer essential support.

Matthew Fleeger

Matthew’s philanthropic actions are not seen based on mutual benefits. Many companies partner with others, like sports tournaments, to increase their popularity and grow future business. However, Matthew’s support is solely based on compassion and love. He does not expect any rewards or recommendations from his charitable actions to The Sadie Keller Foundation; he aims to improve the lives of children who have cancer. For instance, he once donated $25000 towards the foundation’s activities.

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