Matthew Fleeger Role in Bettering the Operations of Gulf Coast Western


GCWMatthew Fleeger is the Gulf Coast Western President and CEO. This managing venture of oil and gas partnerships combines industry expertise, talent and resources to develop and acquire local gas and oil reserves within the gulf coast region in the United States. As Gulf Coast Western top executive Matthew Fleeger attributes the company’s success to the transparent and open relationship it has maintained with its partners.

He believes that any relationship that’s developed on mutual respect and trust will be earned through integrity and honesty. Established in 1970, this Matthew Fleeger Dallas Company has locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Louisiana. The Gulf Coast Western footprint in Southwestern Louisiana has even expanded through mutual partnerships.

The partnership with Orbit Gulf has seen Gulf Coast Western acquire the Orbit Energy Partners in Louisiana and Lafayette. Thanks to this Matthew Fleeger Dallas company partnership, they’ve gone ahead to obtain working interests with 140 drilling locations and 13 producing wells with the capacity to produce more than 30 million barrels of oil.

The partnership between the Orbit Energy Partners and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration has also led to the development of hundreds of prospects of mutual respect covering an area of 1,000 square miles in Evangeline, Cameron, Allen and Acadia. A more specific aspect of the transaction is the agreement between the Gulf Coast Western and Warhorse Oil, which will see Matthew Fleeger Dallas Company operate most of the development wells.

Matthew Fleeger Career Path


Matthew Fleeger is ranked among the top executives in the waste management and tanning and oil and gas industry. Most top executives recognize him for his entrepreneurial abilities, contract negotiations, team building and strategic planning. Before opting to venture in the Oil and Gas exploration industry, he helped establish MedSolutions. This is a company that’s responsible for the treatment, disposal and transportation of medical waste produced by medical firms.

He served as the company president for 13 years before selling it to Stericycle, Inc. Matthew Fleeger is also a leading entrepreneur in the tanning industry. He helped establish two companies with total revenue of $100 million.

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