Molekule Purifiers Add Another Layer Of Safety To Any Home

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The pandemic opened the door for an assortment of surprises. COVID-19 rambled through the world, causing devastating damage to families and businesses. The old way of working, eating, exercising, and a host of other activities disappeared. The world needs added protection from the free radicals that create health issues, according to health experts.

Inventor, author, and entrepreneur Yogi Goswami decided to develop an air purifying system that removed all the pollutants that occupy bedroom, family, and other rooms. Those unwelcomed free radicals make their home in household air until a suitable host like human lungs presents themselves. Goswami developed the Molekule two-filter air cleaning system. And it has no peers, according to the author and inventor.

Goswami told the press the Molekule cleans the air using electrochemical oxidation. The first Molekule filter gathers the large pollutants, and the second filter removes the smaller particles that HEPA filters have a hard time removing. According to a Sleep Sherpa review, the Molekule goes one step further in removing the invisible invaders that turn the human respiratory system into a mucus eruption.

The Sleep Sherpa review gave the Molekule high marks thanks to the easy-to-use app. Molekule’s app makes this innovative air purifier a winner in the race to add another layer of protection now that people spend more time at home. The Molekule mini also got high marks from Sleep Sherpa. The mini cleans the air in kid’s bedrooms and other rooms smaller than 600-square-feet. The standard and the mini’s Molekule design compliment any room.

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