Richard Liu supporting Delivery System Expansion And Creativity

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Richard Liu is a skillful Chinese businessman, who heads a globally influential retail corporation. To enhance development, Richard Liu Qiangdong has often promoted mutual agreements. also invests strategically in other organizations. In 2017, the Chinese enterprise announced its$397 million investment in Farfetch.

Farfetch is a prosperous online-based luxury fashion avenue selling products from brands and boutiques to its client base. The partnership primarily thrives because the two firms have luxury fashion experience and influence throughout China. holds quite a client base throughout the US. Liu Qiangdong regularly visits the country for corporate meetings and speaking engagements with the JD suppliers, peers, and partners. The corporate leader had talked about expanding the corporation’s global influence by entering markets within Europe and the US.

Entering the markets remains viable in the company’s long-term schemes of ensuring continued success. Until recently, had focused its growth on the Southeast Asia region in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Liu has continued heading the Chinese corporation since its inception in 1998.

JD boasts of leading the international delivery of innovative technologies, including manufacturing and research options for self-automated and drone delivery.

Qiangdong currently own the world’s largest delivery drone fleet. Their diversification allowed them to establish an agreement with NO, an electric car firm, to provide in-car delivery. The service allows to drop off deliveries in clients’ trunks either at work or at home. Multiple other approved areas also guarantee the offer of in-car delivery.

The groundbreaking initiative assists enjoy unmatched delivery speeds, which broaden its loyal consumer base. They consider same-day and next-day delivery policies and serve more than two billion people globally. JD Finance, an affiliate of, established Smart City Research Institute (SCRI) within its Nanjing headquarters. SCRI supports smart-city agendas through construction using big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Visit this page to learn more about Richard.

A Brief History

These are developed to aid ventures in creating their blockchain applications. The applications they have developed include those tracking supply chain details, certificate authentication, property assessment, and charity donations.


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