Ross Levinsohn, Attentive CEO


Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is an attentive CEO who began his career as an entrepreneur. The positive initial experience of entrepreneurship stuck with him, and he would return to launching his own businesses several times in his four-decade-long career. After his first business that he and a fellow student from American University started in 1985, he moved on to promotional services at Time Warner Sports. Once he learned the ins and outs of promotions, he returned to production services. He spent five years as a CBS producer for its SportsLine show.

The internet’s popularity turned into a bubble in 1999, and Ross Levinsohn got in on the action. He joined Alta Vista, which was a burgeoning firm back in the day. After assisting with its portal launch project, Levinsohn joined Fox Interactive Sports Media in his first role as a manager. His attention to detail and diverse experience resulted in his eventual promotion to company CEO.

Levinsohn led Fox Interactive Media for two years before entrepreneurship called to him once again. In 2006, he and James Heckman started a digital advertising company in order to get in on all the money being made from such services. They grew their company quickly, and they sold it to Yahoo after four years. Levinsohn joined Yahoo as an executive and served as its CEO for a few months in 2012. After his interim CEO stint at Yahoo, Ross Levinsohn was a CEO at a range of other businesses across the country, including Guggenheim Partners and the Los Angeles Times.

James Heckman founded Maven after he and Levinsohn sold their digital ad service. He steadily grew Maven from a small media firm into a large corporation. Eventually, it came to own more than 300 properties. Heckman contacted Levinsohn in 2019. He requested that Levinsohn become the CEO of Maven’s newest division, which was Sports Illustrated.

Looking forward to working with his former business partner once again, Levinsohn accepted this offer. He made a lot of changes that resulted in growth at Sports Illustrated. Heckman picked Ross Levinsohn to be Maven’s newest CEO in early August 2020.

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