Tim Murawski’s 20 Year Success Helps Lead Augmedics Forward


Tim Murawski is no stranger to the robotic surgery industry, and his experience has been quite beneficial for the cutting-edge robotics company Augmedics. Before joining Augmedics, the successful businessman and entrepreneur was in many roles with Mazor Robotics over a 10-year span, including Vice President of Global Renaissance Business, ensuring their success globally. Tim Murawski began with the Chicago-based company, Augmedics June of 2019, and his presence in the company is, without doubt, a good reason Augmedics were able to make it through the global pandemic of 2020 when it seemed almost everything was shutting down. 


During the 2020 pandemic, Augmedics, led by Tim Murawski, were in the process of commercializing their Xvision Spine System when it looked like financing was going to be an issue. But through a joint effort from the successful entrepreneur, company employees, and investors, Augmedics was able to raise a whopping $4 million of the $15 million needed to continue. It is no surprise the employees and investors wouldn’t hesitate to put their money where their mouth is with a rockstar product and company president like Tim Murawski on their side. 


Because of the efforts of Murawski and the Augmedics team, they were able to push through 2020, get FDA clearance in December 2020, and continue their success throughout 2021. Throughout 2021 Tim Murawski and his team at Augmedics have continued to raise money and prove their product is worth getting into hospitals everywhere. It’ll be no surprise to see surgeons from all over the world using the Xvision Spine System in the near future. 

More on Tim Murawski´s biography and career https://www.f6s.com/tim-murawski

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