Tim Murawski´s Successful Career in the Medical Industry


Tim Murawski is the current boss at Augmedics, one of the most reputable companies in Chicago. The firm has provided the best medical devices that help healthcare specialists offer the best medication to patients suffering from spinal diseases. Tim Murawski has been in the healthcare industry for some time. Before joining Augmedics two years ago, he had worked for different medical device companies in different capacities. Some of them include a company in Israel where Murawski worked for ten years. 


While at the company, he worked in different roles starting in the sales department before working in the accounting department. He undertook different accounting tasks, which enabled him to get a promotion to a better position in 2017. Tim was one of the best employees the firm ever had. He played a significant role in its growth and gained a good reputation all over the world. Before he started working, Tim Murawski studied in America. While at the university, he studied operations management and supervision. After graduation, Tim got a job in the purchasing department of a large chemical firm. However, after some time, he decided to pursue a sales career. 


Therefore, he sought employment in a company that sold medical equipment and worked as a sales manager. He later joined a startup company in California as its sales manager before getting a promotion to oversee the western region. However, his most notable achievement came when he joined a robotics company twenty years ago. Tim Murawski first worked in the accounting department as a manager before becoming the area sales manager and director. After eight years in the company, Tim got employment in another company where he was the director of national accounts and sales vice president. By the time he got a job in his current company, Tim had acquired enough experience in the industry.

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