ZeroAvia and Octopus Hydrogen Partnership


Focusing on hydrogen-electric resolutions ZeroAvia is a leader by far. Through numerous developments and manufacturing this company has developed well solutions for many. Recently, the firm has partnered with Octopus Hydrogen. This ZeroAvia´s partnership will help with economical and efficient power for aircraft. Octopus Hydrogen supplies green hydrogen for aviation transport of goods in the United Kingdom. 


This company is directly from the Octopus Energy Group. The first supply is to be sold in 2021. They intend to supply this green hydrogen in replacement of fuel making it more economically a wise choice. This partnership will be supplying 100% of green hydrogen to ZeroAvia’s base in Kemble for testing and certification. The supply will be going into the HyFlyer II program. 


This will make for the first commercial flights of their advanced technology using this type of fuel. Green hydrogen makes for aviation to be a big important aspect of this advancement at ZeroAvia. The share of this green hydrogen will help with sections of the aircraft that cannot receive carbonation from batteries by itself. To help with carbonation for flights the best resolution for hydrogen electric with the power of green hydrogen. ZeroAvia intends to bring this powered technology to the market by 2024. 


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